Genesis 1

garden gate with arbor

Genesis 2

beehive around flowering plants

Genesis 3

Maui pineapple field outside garden

Genesis 12

tin cans with young plants

Leviticus 19

pinnacle top of temple

Numbers 23

jars of water holding� Nemo fish

Joshua 1

arched city gate

Psalms 1

door with egg cartons on it

Psalms 119

musical toy top

Proverbs 3

Random House home

Isaiah 26

nacho shaped wedding cake

Isaiah 41

wedding path to ceremony

Isaiah 53

wedding limo

Isaiah 54

decorated lorry with flowers

Lamentations 3

Maui fru-fru drink

Matthew 1

revolving door

Matthew 2

knee pads shine floor

Matthew 3

ma at reception desk with badge

Matthew 4

high ceiling fan movse air

Matthew 5

cubicle aisle

Matthew 6

ashtray tower in smokers' area

Matthew 7

key retractor on belt

Matthew 8

ivy on brick wall outside

Matthew 9

Microsoft Office app

Matthew 10

Otis elevator in lobby

Matthew 14

doves on roof

Matthew 28

Art Nouveau art objects on desk

Mark 10

ties made of thin bark

Luke 9

full leg cast from hip

John 1

bells and small surfboards on door

John 5

sun tan oil display

John 13

grandfather's clock with surfboards

John 15

tiled outside shower area

Acts 1

synagogue doors carved

Acts 24

Hebrew National kosher weiner

Romans 1

gate with columns

Romans 2

runners getting a medal

Romans 3

chariot pulled by slaves with scythes cutting grass

Romans 4

Roman style haircut

Romans 5

hall with Roman statues

Romans 6

sandal with thick straps

Romans 7

yoked slaves pulling chariot

Romans 8

ivy over columns

Romans 9

whipping slaves

Romans 10

White House attached

Romans 11

gladiator tattoos

Romans 12

twine entangled in the columns

1 Corinthians 2

Noah's ark in drive-up teller window

1 Corinthians 3

ammo from bank guard

1 Corinthians 15

tiled ATM border

2 Corinthians 4

bar cart in catering area of FRB

2 Corinthians 5

safe door wheel

2 Corinthians 9

Hope diamond behind glass with cash

Galatians 2

Noah shipwrecked in jungle

Galatians 3

Maui tribal chief

Galatians 4

islanders row boat with oars

Galatians 5

landing on a river isle

Galatians 6

hootch still in backwoods of jungle

Ephesians 2

hyena plush toy

Ephesians 3

emu plush toy

Ephesians 4

fish with roe stuffed toy

Ephesians 5

whale plush toy

Philippians 2

diving board plank on ship

Philippians 3

pizza served in pool snack bar

Philippians 4

blow-up raft with oars

1 Thessalonians 1

restaurant patio outside

Titus 3

Ma wearing a leather apron, gloves, and boots

Hebrews 2

Noah's ark decoration on top of hat rack inside tailor's

Hebrews 3

Moe dressed up in suit

Hebrews 4

hair sidelocks

Hebrews 9

bow tie on well dressed man in mirror

Hebrews 12

rabbit coming out of Houdini's hat

1 Peter 2

hen nesting in crevice of fa�ade

Revelation 3

SAM missile in bomb silo

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